Los Azulejos - Tequila Anejo Masterpiece

This tequila is a work of art, literally. Hand-painted by Mexican artisans in Puebla – home of Talavera Pottery, the oldest ceramic art form in America – each bottle has different designs on both sides, inspired by the work of Pablo Picasso. The limited edition ceramic bottle gives a little insight into the craftsmanship dwelling inside. The tequila is crafted in Jalisco from 100% agave, distilled in stainless steel, imparting a brighter taste than some using copper stills. A three-year slumber in premium oak results in a golden yellow elixir that slides down your throat like a silk chemise. Oaky, briney aromas lead into peppers & pineapple, chocolate, herbs, orange & vanilla. The aftertaste lingers in a long embrace. Aperitif, digestif; it's all on the table.

*please note each bottle is unique. If you need a photo of the exact bottle, please get in touch. 

Type Tequila || Region Jalisco, Mexico || ABV 40% || Vol 750ml