l'Octavin - 2017 Le Roi des Cepages

Alice Bouvot produces sky-high quality small vintages, which have become insanely sought-after for good reason. Alice vinifies grapes she grows in her 5ha of certified biodynamic vineyards in Arbois, or purchases from some of the very best organic and biodynamic producers around France, picking the fruit herself and transporting it back to her cellar. The wines are certified biodynamic by Demeter. They are 'pur jus', with no additives whatsoever – they're 100% grapes fermented with indigenous yeasts. No sulphur is ever added, nor are the wines filtered or fined. Wildly pure stuff. Roi de Cepages translates to King of the single varietals, in this case, referring to Riesling. Riesling is the wine lovers King, in many spheres. It's versatiltiy, endless expressions, complexity, prestige. This was taken from Alsace, macerated on skins for fifteen days, then matured in tank. It's an interesting example of the Octavin wines and certainly an exciting one for a Riesling lover. The varietal as you've never seen it before.

Variety Riesling || Region Alsace, France || ABV 10% || Vol 750ml