Linnaea - 2019 Allora Cortese

Linnaea is a husband and wife team consisting of "one plant nerd and one maker of wine" – an agricultural scientist and a winemaker, both of international acclaim. The nomadic duo have created a growing body of wines from around the world; from the Napa Valley to the Barolo.

Their 2018 Allora Cortese is not your average white. Crafted with an old and rare grape of unknown parentage grown in Piedmonte, Italy, this wine tesselates with texture. Murmurs of minerality builds extreme salivation factor, which is quenched with washes of ripe grapefruit and zingy citrus. A white that pairs with just about anything – even air.

Variety Cortese || Region Piedmonte, Italy || ABV 12.5% || Vol 750ml