Limus - 2020 Double Up Aperitivo Rose

2020 Double Up Aperitivo Rose

Pinot Gris, Pinot Noir
Mt Gambier, SA

A 50/50 co-fermented blend of short macerated Pinot Gris and Pinot Noir rosé, aged in barrel for nine months. Wild strawbs sweetness checked by slightly savoury skinsy gris, it’s a friggen sunny afternoon crowd pleaser, no question. Beautiful red fruit aromatics, a whisper of spice and supple, wearable texture. Yum.

Kyatt Dixon is one of the most exciting winemakers in Australia, imo. Did you know he has a doctoral background in researching crustose algae, including the Peyssonneliales, Hildenbrandiales and crustose members of the Gigartinales? Now you know. Anyway, back to wine. After moving to Mt Gambier in 2017, Kyatt leases several vineyards around the region and craftes incredible wines that glow with both the purity of their making and the lovable personality of their maker.