Les Vignerons - 2019 Saint Pourcain La Ficelle

Les Vignerons is a co-operative of grape growers and winemakers in Saint Pourçain, a village on the fringe of the Loire Valley. It's the perfect stop-over point for lovers of Burgundy Pinots and Beaujolais Gamays, but without the price tag. This completely smashable red is a co-ferment of the two. Two for one! A classic vin de soif, it's fresh, jubilant and lip-smacking, beaming with bright red fruits. An absolute winner at any dinner party. Sun's out? Pop it in the fridge. Fun fact: 'La ficelle' refers to the piece of string that winemakers used to dip in the barrels to measure how much wine was left in it – back when you bought wine by the barrel, not the bottle! 

Variety Gamay, Pinot Noir || Region Saint Pourçain, France || ABV 13% || Vol 750ml