Latta - 2021 Bad Reputation Viognier

2021 Bad Reputation Viognier

Pyrenees, VIC

Viognier has a bad reputation. Undeservedly so. This is Owen Latta’s sixth attempt at making a Viognier that changes the public’s mind and let me tell you if you need some convincing, this is the wine for you. Viognier grows beautifully in the Pyrenees. Now with vine age on side it's a really interesting variety to work with, hopefully many more good examples arise over the coming years. It is oily, with lots of sandalwood, green lemon, honeysuckle and tangerine. There are zero additions.

Ah, Owen Latta. Truly one of Australia’s hardest working vignerons and with the absolute slew of wines to prove his skin in the game. The wines are highly sought year after year, and it is obvious to see why. They always afford such poise, such energy, such purpose. Being able to show your winemaking skill and also the best of the fruit, is a hard skill to balance, but he does it in spades. He is one of Australia’s finest young winemakers.