L'Alezan - 2018 VDF ‘Metonymia’

2018 VDF ‘Metonymia’

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Gard, France

Whoa. This wine. Very, very good. 

Ryan Larkin is a little more eloquent: "Viognier, Marsanne, Roussanne and Muscat, all from young vines of 5-9 years of age. The vineyard is called La Tangente, and is based in Sardan in the Gard. The vines are made up of clay and limestone, face south-east, and are 150M above sea level. Destemmed, 6 days skin contact, and then aged in an old 600L barrel and tank (60/40) for 8 months. Zero suplhur.

Amazing light, bright colour, so beautiful. Smells of salinity and unripe mandarin, very fresh. Freshly tapped Sri Lankan wild date palm, Kithul. Glacial and fresh on the palate, nice citrus pithy notes. Lots of limestone freshness too. But that pithiness sticks to your mouth, beautiful phenolics. Light, bright, beautiful acidity, absolutely delicious. Very refined but with lots of detail. The phenolics create a certain dryness which is very pleasing. Beautiful mandarin and grapefruit, no sourness though, just gentle balance. Man, either the phenolics or the limestone element is intense. Mouth full of chalk. Big time tangerine party. Tiny hint of bitterness to round things out and add to the detail. Not a light or a heavy orange wine – sits right in the middle. Superb." We concur. Give it some air and watch it bloom.

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