Ladron de Uvas - 2018 País

Pato and son Bastian Cea are 7th and 8th generation vignerons in Millapoa, Bío Bío. For over 250 years the family has tended the same País vines planted in black volcanic sand, with unwavering ancestral winemaking: destemmed and open fermented in original beechwood raulí lagar (over 150 years old) with daily manual punchdowns. Their flagship wine is ‘Ladrón de Uvas’ (grape thief); alluding to the locals who sneak onto the property at night to steal grapes. This is a thirst-quenching rough-diamond kind of País, surging with grippy red and black fruits, mulberries, sage, subtle earth and puckery rustic tannins. Floral aromas bloom from the bottle, while volcanic salinity and savouriness keep you salivating for more. Liquid history; it tastes like it has for 250 years. 

Varietal Pais || Region Bio Bio, Chile || ABV 11.5% || Vol 750ml