La Ginestra - 2019 Tutto Anfora Bianco

2019 Tutto Anfora Bianco

Tuscany, Italy

Um yum? Trebbiano on skins and fermented in amphora is where it is at. Nutmeg, cinnamon and fleshy apricot. Plenty of rusticity that will have you feeling like you stumbled across a patio party on the sunny side of Tuscany. Under the Tuscan sun? Well, yes!

There is a beautiful resurgence in Italy of younger, climate oriented people who are turning to co-op lifestyles in order to reinvigorate broken agricultural systems. These three friends started back in 1978  when they felt impassioned to save a patch of land from expropriation. With the help of goats, they began by clearing all the bushes and weeds from the fields. Slowly, year after year, they began to plant seeds. First focusing on cereals and legumes, and then eventually moving into beekeeping and vines. The wines are rustic, honest and natural.