Konpira Maru - 2021 Moon Bag Piquette

2021 Moon Bag Piquette

Syrah, Chardonnay, Pinot Noir
Central Victoria, VIC

'We are always up for giving something new a go, especially when it involves rebirthing something destined for waste – like grape marc. In 2020 there seemed to be a renaissance of sorts for the obscure style Piquette. This is an ancient drink popularised by European peasant field workers, which is made by adding water to the marc left after pressing grapes. It produces a low alcohol wine spritz, which if well made should be like a more flavourful, interesting and fancy West Coast Cooler, well that was our goal anyway.

We don't know what its future holds as a style, but we think we have made something pretty bloody tasty. Our first small dive and investment into the world of Piquette, a wine based Moon Bag for all you crypto fiends out there. A little stronger than most piquettes on the market but stiil light on its feet. Packed with pretty aromatics, bright red fruits and layer upon layer of peppery goodness. Vivacious carbonation, beautifully balanced, fresh, pure and dry. Honestly came out better than we could have ever imagined.  Think Solo as opposed to Lift.' – Konpira Maru