Kirei - 2019 'Karakuchi 80'

2019 'Karakuchi 80'

Junmai Nama Genshu
Hiroshima, Japan


'Karakuchi 80' has a rich textural palate with dry minerality and an intensely spice-laden mid-palate of licorice and pear. Unpasteurised, undiluted, pure. The Japanese word ‘kara’ means dry, and the sake name ‘karakuchi’ means this sake is an extra dry style. The '80' represents the rice polishing rate, with 80% of the grain remaining – this low polishing leaves great flavours from the fats, proteins and amino acids in the rice and creates a richer palate weight. Toji Masahiro Nishigaki utilises the brewery's own special strain of yeast known as 'Kirei #9' to produce this beautiful sake. He also uses a slow pressing technique that results in less liquid and a higher quality.