Just Enough - 2021 Identikit

2021 Identikit

Riesling, Montepulciano
Eden Valley, SA

A somewhat wacky blend, with pleasant results! People are getting more adventurous with the red/white blend, as our climate changes and we see different expressions of once somewhat stable varieties. Riesling that was on skins for seven days blended with free run Montepulciano, giving a light red, rosé like creation that absolutely needs to be fridged. Lip smacking! Bobby Fishel moved to South Australia after years working the wine bar scene in the UK. He fell into the hands of the Yetti & the Kokonut boys, and has been helping them farm and vinify their wines ever since. This is the second release of his own label, making fun wines much like the Y&K boys, but with his own unique touch.