Julie Balagny - 2018 VDF ‘cayenne’

Julie Balagny has been in Beaujolais since 2009. With the help of friend (and renowned vigneron) Yvon Metras, she managed to find a parcel surrounded by woods in Fleurie – famed for wines of ethereal perfume, delicacy and breathtaking fruit. Since then, she's also been able to scoop up two more plots, small but mighty, in Moulin-à-Vent and Émeringes. The vineyard work is organic, and everything has to be done by hand due to the steep slopes; no tractor or horse can get around efficiently or safely. All the wines go through carbonic maceration, as is the flavour of Beaujolais these days, and to protect her wines Julie is fastidious about the absence of oxygen. No punch downs, no pump overs – just time. She is a famed recluse, cares for little else other than the vines and the Earth, and thus makes intense, moving, never-forget-me wines.

Cayenne is made with grapes from Julie's younger vines in Fleurie. The vines are 35 and 40 years old. The soils are made up mainly of granite and basalt, with the remainder pink granite and quartz. Pink granite gives this charcoal fine tannic structure, almost like the feeling of inside of a marble. Brooding fruit, moody but flirty still. Red roses, cherry blossom, creamy, dreamy texture. The lightest of all of Julie's wines from this vintage, but potentially the most layered! 

Variety Gamay || Region Beaujolais, France || ABV 12.5% || Vol 750ml