Jordi Llorens - 2019 Can-Vi blanc

2019 Can-Vi blanc

Macabeo, Parallada
Catalonia, Spain

"The 2019 Can-Vi Blanc is a blend of Macabeo and Parallada. Not really having had much experience with wines in can, I wasn't sure exactly how Jordi's vineyards would be communicated in this vessel but the result is a primary, round and very, very delicious white wine. Like....super delicious. The reduced exposure to oxygen has allowed the wine to retain it's youthful, sleek nature but without being masked by post ferment esters. In short, this is simply wonderful....and I have to say a real joy to handle (the material is so, so lightweight and genuinely recyclable). 

The cans are 250ml...a great size for a glass each for two people and a very nice volume thank you very much for a little trip to the park. It's also obviously great to have a little can sitting in the fridge when you'd like a glass of wine with dinner and don't really fancy opening a bottle. I'm really in to this!" – Importer notes