Jilly - 2018 Black Mountain Sparkling Pinot Noir

Jared Dixon and his lovable moustache set up in Clunes, NSW, after years working WA as a winemaker and a series of pub gigs that didn't result in being signed. All for the best it seems as what has followed is an unrivalled adventure into New England winemaking, showing what the recently reinvigorated region is really made of.

Whilst there are a number of cuvees in the Jilly landscape, ranging from fun and fresh to deep and brooding, this sparkling is a particular stand out. Methode traditionelle of Pinot Noir sourced from one of the country's highest vineyards, at a teetering 1306 metres above sea level. Pinot loves kissing the clouds, presenting the colour of a kissed cheek, full of dancy red fruits and lovely winter notes - crisp bay leaf and cedar. Tight, fresh acid and bubbles that won't quit, it's a smart wine that is immensely enjoyable. If you're growing tired of the world of petillant natural, this is for you. 

 Varietal Pinot Noir || Region New England, NSW || ABV 11% || Vol 750mL