Jeaunaux-Robin - NV 'Eclats de Meuliere' Extra-Brut Selection

Located in the magical village of Talus Saint-Prix in La Vallée du Petit Morin, this tiny family domain was founded in 1964 by Michel & Marie-Claude Jeaunaux and today is run by husband and wife Cyril & Clémence Jeaunaux-Robin. The estate is only 5.7 ha, with vineyards beginning at the end of the family garden just behind the kid's trampoline! They’ve been fully biodynamic since 2010 and organic for much longer. The average vine age is 40 years – ancient by Champagne standards. The micro cellar of Jeaunaux-Robin consists of two basket presses in the garage. Grape juice flows by gravity into settling tanks under the back door and into the winery beneath the house. The resulting tiny-batch wines are wildly intimate and pure; expressions of familial dedication and integrity. 

This Eclats de Meuliere grower Champagne is so vivacious it'll propel you up to the heavens. Or at least the clouds. Light, dry and finely detailed, with staggering texture and minerality – testament to the flinty, silex soils for which La Vallée du Petit Morin is known. Ripe Chardonnay notes with brioche, supple fruits and a long refreshing finish. More elegant than Marion Cotillard. Shuck some oysters and wallah.

Varietal Pinot Meunier, Pinot Noir, Chardonnay || Region Champagne, France || ABV 12% || Vol 750ml