Jean Pierre Robinot - 2018 Regard

Jean-Pierre Robinot is one of the most famed producers of the wine world, and rightly so. He founded one of Paris’ first natural wine bars, l’Ange Vin, along with influential French wine magazine Rouge et Blanc. In 2000, he bought a vineyard just out of the village of Chahaignes, where he crafts phenomenal vins slowly and naturally, in old, humid cellars cut directly into the hills many years ago. He is patient, holding wines in barrel until he believes they're ready; which can sometimes be more than 5 years. He has two domaines under which he releases his wines: Les Vignes de l’Ange Vin (using grapes from plots of vines that he owns and manages organically and biodynamically), and L’Opera des Vins label (where he buys the grapes from friends who also manage their vineyards in the same way). Jean-Pierre is in his early seventies with the vivaciousness of a teenager.

Pineau d’Aunis is a native grape of the area around the city of Tours in the Loire Valley. This 2018 'Regard' was fermented with whole bunches and then aged in fibreglass tanks for about nine months before being bottled and rested for some time before release. It's light but immensely complex, layered with mushrooms, wormwood, caramel, cranberry and pine needles. Wow.

Varietal Pineau d'Aunis || Region Loire Valley, France || ABV 10% || Vol 750ml