Jean-Pierre Robinot - 2018 Lumiere de Silex

2018 Lumiere de Silex

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Chenin Blanc
Loire Valley, France

There’s cult wines, and then there’s CULT WINES. The ever ethereal Jean-Paul Robinot. One of the first to open a natural wine bar in Paris and a founder of the famous magazine Rouge et Blanc, he left the city for the vines in 2000, purchasing a plot in Chahaignes, midway between Tours and Le Mans in the Loire. Chenin Blanc and Pineau d’Aunis, grown wild. Everything fermented in epic limestone caves, deep in the ground. They are released when Robinot believes they are ready, speaking, and not a moment beforehand. When you first experience a Robinot wine the first thought is...nothing. An indescribable emotion that clears the brain, a near spiritual experience. They are unable to be replicated, adored and inspired, but their own thing entirely. They are a must on every natural wine drinker's wishlist. Chenin Blanc from a parcel of old vines planted over schist, farmed by the Robinot’s friend Damien Bureau in Anjou. After two years resting in barrels, it is a wine that really reflects the vintage with warm notes of browning apples in butter, galangal, lemongrass, gingersnap. Mealy and nourishing, ripples of acid. Miam. 

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