Jauma- 2021 "Tikka the Cosmic Cat" Red Blend

2021 'Tikka the Cosmic Cat' Red Blend

Grenache, Shiraz
Mclaren Vale, SA

This year see’s some Shiraz from Ralph’s Grown vineyard and Grenache from Lillies Octogenarian vineyard. It’s always a cosmic (well, it’s in the name) blend, full of mystical turns and intonations. Wild strawberry doused in balsamic, hints of forest floor and fresh, clean air. It's a fairy potion at it’s finest.

James Erskine and his partner Sophie are Jauma. It has been a huge year for the winery that is widely accepted to be one of the first, true representatives of Australia’s natural wine movement. Not only are they still working with organic fruit from the Mclaren Vale, but they have planted their home plot amidst their blossoming cherry orchard, and have moved their winery home after 11 years of tireless work outside. They are incredible members of the community, hosting yoga retreats at their place, implementing pay it forward programs that donate part of their revenue to community orgs and putting on amazing markets and festivals for people in the community. They are real-deal, give-it-back kinda people who also happen to make incredible wine. No adds, ever.