Jauma - 2020 Like Raindrops Grenache

"Juicy, spicy, roses. Yum. Our 2016 was voted by Gourmet Traveller as Australia's top Grenache but crudely described as short living 'as the label states preservative free'. That 2016 is so youthful and we kept stock for the judges to review and learn from :)" – James Erskine, winemaker

The fruit for all Jauma wines is farmed organically by Fiona Wood and Dave Gartelman. Grapes are hand-picked, vinified naturally and bottled without any additions. These are living wines – home to healthy bacteria and yeast from remaining sugars, tannins and acids, which are metabolised for energy and release gas in doing so – so expect a tickle of fizz (sometimes). But, as the wine warms up the gasses leave and the aromas will further unfurl.

Variety Grenache || Region Adelaide Hills, SA || ABV 13% || Vol 750ml