Izumibashi - Junmai Nigori Tombo-Sparkling


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Izumibashi Sake Brewery was founded in 1857, during Japan’s Edo era. Nestled in the heart of the Ebina heartland, Izumibashi has long taken advantage of the area’s natural bounty, from abundant land for rice growing to the natural waterflow from Mt. Tanazawa. To this day, they continue as a cultivation brewery – crafting sake with rice grown themselves (this is very rare as most sake makers only engage in brewing sake). Izumibashi's rice fields are free from chemicals and pesticides, providing a home for red dragonflies to flourish. "We believe sake is not only brewed products, but also agricultural products, so our sake making begins from the rice field at Ebinako-chi."

This sparkling nigori is bright and lively, with viibrant acidity. Ultra fresh. Enjoy it chilled.

Origin Kanagawa, Japan || ALC 15% || Vol 250ml


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