Hughes Beguet - 2019 'Orange Was The Colour Of Her Dress'

2019 'Orange Was The Colour Of Her Dress'

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Jura, France

Set amongst the lush landscape of Mesnay are the home and vineyards of Patrice Beguet. Drawing inspiration from his love of jazz and the diverse scenery of Jura, Patrice's wines are electric, textural and complex. He employs organic vineyard practices and biodynamic rituals; no synthetics are ever used in the vineyard or winery, and most of the wines have no added sulphur.

Named after the Charles Mingus song, Patrice's 2019 'Orange Was The Colour Of Her Dress' is 100% Savagnin ouillé (topped up), macerated on skins for 6 months in old oak barrels. Wild fermentation, no sulphites and no filtration. Whiffs of yellow fruits, white flowers, ginger, orange, nectar and herbs mingle in picturesque union. In the mouth it's a harmony of salty, sweet, bitter, sour and fresh, wrapped in beautiful texture. Only 2000 bottles produced.


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