Hughes Beguet - 2020 'Orange Was The Colour Of Her Dress'

2020 'Orange Was The Colour Of Her Dress'

Jura, France

Winemaker Patrice Béguet, originally from the Jura, left home for a jaunt as an IT consultant in Paris. As is the case, city life never quite stuck, and the call back to home led him and his wife Caroline Hughes back to the Jura. They purchased heritage vineyards on great terroir, and set up a small winery under their house in Mesnay. They own 4.5 hectares of vineyard in the AOC Arbois appellation at over 300metres above sea level, including one of the most coveted slopes of Arbois. Coveted in the Jura is a big deal in the natural wine game! The pair make unbelievably exciting wines, each one full of twists and turns. This wine is named after the Charles Mingus song, and this wine is full of romance as such. Savignin, a variety of Jura fame, is topped up in barrel to produce a rich, oxidative blend of sites. It tickles each part of the tongue, salt, sweet, umami, bitter. Orange blossom unfolds, acacia honey, wattleseed, browned walnuts, galangal, fermented fennel. It is such a journey of a wine, will benefit from air. Remarkable wines from this couple, take note!