Sunny Times - Raw Organic Honey Large

Raw Organic Honey Large

Stored sunshine. This is the most beautiful organic raw honey from a small scale organic farm in the Tweed Valley, Northern NSW, surrounded by National Parks. Throughout the year, ground covers like vetch and buckwheat grow on their resting blocks and sunflowers are planted in between their Ginger crops. These feed both the soil and the bees. The hives are cared for by Aidan and his dad, Bob, who lovingly extract the raw honey by hand. It tastes light and buttery with a hint of citrus. So pure. A moment in time, caught by the bees. Big jar – 720g.

PS. As this is raw, untreated honey, it can start to crystallise over time. This is a great sign of a raw product, containing all the natural enzymes and antioxidants of pure honey. If you like, sit your jar in a bowl of warm water to return it to fully runny :)