Hochkirch - 2019 Riesling

In the cool climate of Henty, Jennifer and John Nagorcka employ biodynamic vineyard practices, carefully observing nature’s rhythms – including lunar and planetary cycles, and natural preparations to nurture and enliven the earth’s soil allowing a balanced healthy and productive vineyard ecosystem, with complete avoidance of synthetic chemicals and poisons. 2003 was the first year of Hochkirch’s fully Demeter certified biodynamic production.

This characterful Riesling has the steely centre that characterises many Western Victorian Rieslings but instead of the usual citrus profile, it exudes blossom, pollen and green apple aromas. An incisive and vibrant mouthfeel and tingling natural acidity give this wine tension and balance. Crisp pear and florals take you to a happy place. So harmonic. Is this the best spot for Riesling in Australia?

Variety Riesling || Region Henty, VIC || ABV 12.5% || Vol 750ml