Yamane Shuzo - Hiokizakura Junmai Sake

Founded in 1887, Yamane Shuzo is situated in the Inaba Kingdom, historically known as Hioki Township in Tottori Prefecture. They know rice very well (most of the brewers here are rice farmers too), and have some of the best sake rice in Japan. Subject to harsh winters and heavy snow, the area blooms with cherry blossom trees – known as Hioki Sakura – in the middle of winter. This sake is an ode to the cherry blossom. 

Hiokizakura is an ultra dry junmai sake crafted with Tamasakae rice, polished to 60%. It's brightly golden in hue and has more layers than an onion. A session sake with lots of depth but not too heavy. Faint rice/malt aroma leads into a dry malty palate laced with mellow threads of ripe melon and moderate acidity, with slight piquant astringency around the edges. Warmed, the flavours unite into a lively whole. Also really good at room temp.

Type Sake || Region Tottori, Japan || ABV 15.6% || Vol 720ml