Yamane Shuzo - Hiokizakura Junmai Kimoto Goriki (Komeyui)

Established in 1887, Yamane Shuzo is renowned for creating phenomenal sake using Gōriki – a famed and formerly extinct heritage rice only grown in Tottori prefecture. After becoming extinct, around 40 years ago Tottori University was able to resurect this historical variety. It's distinclty rich and hearty, with a unique tangy acidity that comes out when heated, making it really good for rich, fatty foods. Hiokizakura brew this sake using Kimoto – a traditional, labour intensive method of making the sake starter, where rice, water and koji are mashed together physically using oar-like poles for many hours. Several micro-organisms develop a natural lactic acid which allows for healthy and strong wild yeast to grow. if done correctly, the resulting sake is more flavourful; richer than sake made with modern methods. The master brewer at Hiokizakura is is a Gōriki rice farmer, as are most of the brewers. They know the rice very well, and have some of the best sake rice in Japan.

This sake boasts a rich, sweet aroma of caramel and citrus. Typical of kimoto, it blooms in your mouth with a rich umami taste and a tint of acidity, with an super dry finish. Best enjoyed warmed.

Type Sake || Region  Tottori, Japan || ABV 15% || Vol 720ml