HEX - Gin-Spiked Adult Pickles

Gin-Spiked Adult Pickles

Get hexual with these gin-spiked pickles, hand-crafted in Sydney. 

Brought to you by Luke and Mägnus, Hex was created to defy the limp market for luxury pickles. These pickles were born in Melbourne (a Covid baby), made in Sydney and run from Brisbane. A modernised version of a family recipe, Hex pickles are all natural and feature heaps of sultry ingredients including native finger limes, pepperberry, peppercorns, pink juniper, cinnamon, cloves, fennel seeds, star anise and, of course, GIN. The brine is alcohol-free as they remove the booze from the gin! These pickles are an explosion of flavour; mouth fireworks. Best enjoyed cold on a sunny day.  

PS. To open the jar, simply slice around rim with a knife until wax is penetrated, then twist the jar open and voila.