Hello Petal - Australiana Mini Card

Australiana Mini Card

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Guess what – this beautiful card is embedded with Swan River daisy seeds and can be easily planted for an array of Swan River daisies to bloom! It's sustainably handcrafted in Australia from 100% recycled seeded paper, and is 100% home compostable (including all packaging). Recycled paper envelope included. Blank inside, so pour your heart out (*leave a note at checkout and we'll handwrite it for you).

The seeds are Australian-sourced Swan River daisies (Brachyscome iberidifolia) native to WA, and are visible throughout the card as tiny specks creating a beautiful handmade, textured feel. Swan River daisies have white, blue purple or pink flowers. Simply soak your card in water until completely wet, place on top of soil in a well-lit environment and ensure the paper does not dry out. Germination usually occurs within 7-21 days. Due to the handmade nature of this recycled paper and placement of the seeds, no two pieces are the same.

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