Gonc Grape Abduction - 2019 White Blend 1L

Slovenian magic!

Continuing four generations of winemaking, Peter Gönc is one of Slovenia's most exciting young gun winemakers. His 2019 white blend is a happy marriage of Pinot Blanc and Yellow Muscat, grown on a single vineyard in the harsh terrain of the Slovenian rocky hills in the Podravje region. Pinot Blanc brings a lush, huggable roundness, and when companioned with the fresh tropicana vibes of Yellow Muscat, you have yourself a very good time. It's awash with white flowers, passionfruit, lychee, white peach and flint. Dry and crisp. Abducts and delivers you to the Slovenian countryside, where the soft wheeze of the wind cleanses your lungs and the sun warms your bare arms with gentle golden kisses. Yep.

Variety Pinot Blanc, Yellow Muscat || Region Podravje, Slovenia || ABV 12.5% || Vol 1000ml