Good Happy - Berry Good Kombucha

Berry Good Kombucha

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Mullumbimby, Australia

Good Happy is 100% raw, unpasteurised kombucha fortified with medicinal mushrooms and adaptogenic herbs, brewed in Mullumbimby by three mates (Matty, Liam and Peter). They don't use any weird sweeteners or preservatives; they simply make delicious brews infused with time-tested tonic herbs to encourage and balance the body. Good Happy's base kombucha is crafted from a blend of the yummiest oolong and jasmine tea, which naturally ferments for around 30 days. You'll seriously taste the difference of this real kombucha compared to the many heavily diluted, sweetened or vinegary kombuchas made more with shelf life in mind as opposed to being nourishing and chemically interesting for our physiology.

Berry Good is crafted with an assortment of the boys' favourite herbs, the strange and wonderful schizandra berry, plus some delectable local blueberries and that smooth old soul: vanilla. Revered throughout Asia as a beautifying herb and deeply studied in Russia as an adaptogen, the little red schizandra berry is packed full of antioxidants and other types of good happiness. Lose all fear, nurture all beauty and bravely ride a huge mythical Thylacine into the unknown.

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