Party of Five

Party of Five

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Everybody wants to live / Like they wanna live and everybody wants to love / Like they wanna love / And everybody wants to be / Closer to free...

Aaaaaand, the Party of Five theme song is stuck in your head. YOU'RE WELCOME. Now you're primed for this special pack; our vinous ode to the '90s drama that everyone loved (you did; even if you didn't). A party of five wines to be shared with friends and family alike. They are fun. They are friendly. Enjoy them with food. Or without. In the park. Or at home. Guzzle or sip. Can't go wrong.

Campos Flores 2018 Tinto, Tidy Town 2021 Moscato Giallo Orange, Giovino 2020 Bianco, Konpira Maru 2021 Over and Over Pinot and FIN Finona 2021 Rose. 


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