Gentle Folk - 2019 Piccadilly Chardonnay

At the top of one of the most notorious driveways in the Basket Range is the home and winery of Gareth and Rainbo Belton; Gentle Folk. The two met whilst fast becoming the two leading experts in microbiology and seaweed, but caught the wine bug hard and thus, could do nothing else. Their winery is peaceful, charming and warm, the two of them are incredible kind and gracious with their time. The vineyards reflect this too, in conversion to biodynamics, they are full of energy, vivacity, life. They farm them all themselves, and are quickly acquiring more as they go. This is the first vintage from Piccadilly. It doesn't get much sunshine, so ripens slowly, retaining acid. Out of the three Chardonnays, this is the most slurpable. It tastes of ripe pears, chamomile tea, warm honey. I love it. A Chardonnay for true appreciators of the variety. 

Variety Chardonnay || Region Basket Range, SA || ABV 13% || Vol 750ml