Furneaux Distillery - Smoky Wedding  Double Oak

Smoky Wedding Double Oak

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Flinders Island, TAS 

This whisky is phenomenal. It really is. Only 315 bottles made. A very rare find on the mainland! It's a first from Furneaux Distillery; a combination of not only two different malt types, but two cask types also. A fusion of Flinders and Scottish peated barley, with spirit matured in a combination of French Oak Tawny and American Oak Bourbon. Wow.

"This is one of our meatiest releases yet. The delight with this combination of casks is that you get the best of both worlds; the rich dried fruit and cooking spices of a French Oak fortified wine cask, and the bright caramel sweetness of an American Oak Bourbon cask. On the nose you can tell immediately that this is going to be a complex whisky. You don’t pick up much peat on the nose, rather the darker fruit notes; raisin, date and a syrupy toffee note. This whisky produced a lot of lovely fats and oils, and you can see the thick legs trickling down the glass. On the palate it’s an explosion. Sweetness dominates, like a smoked redskin lolly, candy and fruit is permeated with that quintessential iodine-y peat flavour. However the finish carries most of the peat profile. As the sugars carried in the liquid disappears, the palate is left with a lovely lingering smoke, with the memory of those sugars making it a very moreish drop!" – Furneaux


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