Fujisu - Beni-imo-su (purple yam vinegar)

Beni-imo-su (purple yam vinegar)

Kyoto, Japan

Organic Japanese purple yam vinegar! A magic potion! Fujisu have been hand crafting vinegar in Kyoto for the past 122 years; now in their 5th generation. Their philosophy is based on slow food principles, working with the environment to grow the best ingredients to create vinegars that are delicious, expressive and healthy. As such, their farming is biodynamic and organic. Ingredients are either grown on their own farms or by local organic farmers. Either way, they're involved in every step from the beginning to the end – manually. They are one of the last Japanese vinegar makers to be hand crafting vinegar this way.

This vibrant vinegar is crafted with pesticide-free purple yams grown locally, fermented for 100 days and then left to mature for 300 days. Beni-imo-su is full of antioxidants and polyphenols, especially the antioxidant Anthocyanin, very good for the body and anti-aging. Drink diluted with water or carbonated water (1 part vinegar to 8 parts water). Perfect for drinking after a meal, as it is good for gut health and soothes bloating. As it assists with liver function, it's also very good for those who drink alcohol (hello). A great detox for your skin and whole body. It's also ideal for pickling, as a dressing, or in cooking. So many uses! The world is your yam.