Fruktstereo - Decencidre


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Cox Orange apples, Rondo grapes, beetroot
Gotland, Sweden

Forget about cider as you know it – this Swedish fruit 'n veg pet nat is next level. 

Frukstereo is a collaboration between Karl Sjöström and Mikael Nypelius, who work with chemical-free fruit from home gardens or abandoned orchards, or waste fruit from local farmers. Everything they make is fermented with natural yeasts with zero additives. Appropriating some of the most iconic albums of our time, each bottle release is an 'album' that sings of fruit purity and innovation.

Decencidre is an homage to the disco queen Mylène Farmer. It's crafted with waste apples from Skåne; waste beetroots from Nypling gård on Gotland and red grapes from Hällåkra in SkåneApple, wild fermented and left under flor for 2 months before bottling. Where do we even start? Just get it.

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