Fruktstereo - Bellondie

Swedish fruit lords Karl Sjöström and Mikael Nypelius use chemical-free fruit ‘n veg from home gardens, abandoned orchards or waste produce from local farmers to create ‘fruit pet nats’, fermented naturally with zero additives. These melodious potions poke the perimeter of traditional cider. Sweden is one of the happiest countries on earth. Coincidence?

Bellondie is crafted with the duo’s favourite apple varieties, Belle De Boskoop and Cox Orange – from an abandoned orchard in Dalby – double pressed and macerated."We were told that Belle de Boscop would never be able to make a good cider" they said, "for us it has turned out to be the complete opposite. It’s the Grand Cru of Swedish garden fruit with its complexity and structure together with the yeasty creaminess from staying on the lees in bottle, WE LOVE IT!"

Varietal Belle De Boskoop apples, Cox Orange apples || Region Gotland, Sweden || ABV 6% || Vol 750ml