Freehand - 2017 Ruby Ruby Shiraz Fortified

Don't love fortified? Think again. It's hard to imagine ANYONE not liking this fortified Shiraz. Seriously. Deep ruby red, it woos your shnoz with aromas of plums and cinnamon before filling your gob with silken waves of bright berry summer fruits, plums, brandy soaked cherries and cinnamon. A young, fruit-forward, light style of Shiraz port crafted from biodynamic fruit naturally fortified with zero additives, bottled unfined and unfiltered. Wow.

Based in Forest Hill, WA, Matt Eastwell has been tending his vines biodynamically since 2007. All Freehand wines are grown and made from his single estate vineyard, which buzzes and blooms with life, and preservatives are never ever added (zero sulphur). 

Type Port || Region Forest Hill, WA || ABV 18% || Vol 750ml