Freehand - 2015 Cane Cut Semillon Fortified

Based in Forest Hill, WA, Matt Eastwell has been tending his vines biodynamically since 2007. All Freehand wines are grown and made from his single estate vineyard, which buzzes and blooms with life, and preservatives are never ever added (zero sulphur). 

This amber-hued Cane Cut Semillon Fortified catches your nose's attention with delightful aromas of dried apricots and honey. Take a sip and enter a sun-drenched field in the Spring, with apricot, marmalade, honey and butterscotch. The breeze is soft and sweet. You're probably wearing gingham, too. It's a crime not to pair this potion with blue cheese. Aged for 30 months in a single barrel. Only 600 bottles produced!

Type Fortified || Region Forest Hill, WA || ABV 18% || Vol 750ml