Freed Beverages - Blueberry & Lemon Organic Tea Soda

Blueberry & Lemon Organic Tea Soda

Non alcoholic
Melbourne, VIC

Organic tea soda, handcrafted in Melbourne.

"Like so many kids growing up with parents from the baby boomer’s generation, tea was always a mainstay in my household. It wasn’t uncommon to hear Mum saying “how bout a cuppa”. Iced Tea in Australia has always been synonymous with loads of sugar even more so than a can of soft drink. There’s never been a truly healthy option on the market unlike many other locations around the world, in particular the US. So this is my Aussie modern take on iced tea:  a high quality unsweetened, lightly sparkled, organic brewed tea with unique flavor combinations. We brew the tea in Melbourne and have our products mixed and canned in Geelong with the aim to support local and small business.

Blueberry – the delightful little superfood that so often gets forgotten, however, we thought this flavour was a must, and everything goes well with a hint of lemon! This organic lightly brewed black sparkling tea with blueberry and lemon natural flavours does the trick on its own or as a mixer." – Scott, Freed