Frank Cornelissen - 2018 Munjebel Bianco

2018 Munjebel Bianco

Grecanico, Carricante
Mt. Etna, Sicily

Frank Cornelissen was sitting in a bar in Sicily, when he had his first experience with Etnan vin. Though already a deeply established wine collector and auction haunter, the wine stunned him. He immediately hitched a ride to the mountain to see where the wine had come from, six months later he'd leased a vineyard. Over the years there have been many releases, the fabled Magma, the single site Nerellos, the Munjebel, the Susu...each and every cuveé achieving its cult status with gusto, gumption and a deep, deep, deservedness. An incredible observer of the Earth and its movements in the vineyard, a dedicated farmer, a sustainability idol. A biodiverse paradise for wine on the side of a volcano; stuff of dreams. 

The Munjebel Bianco is Mt Etna in a glass, crafted from a blend of Grecanico and Carricante grapes that derive from vines of over 40 years rooted on the lava soil of the great volcano. It is a white wine, but much more than that. Macerated on the skins for 4 days, flooded with fleshiness but spellcast with minerality; ripe peaches, gentian and the smell of vineyard fill the glass.