Frank Cornelissen - 2017 MAGMA Rosso BB Barbabecchi

MAGMA. Enough said. Cornelissen's “Grand Vin”. Rich and elegant, this is the kind of wine that casts spells in your mouth. Pure magic. Organic Nerello Mascalese from ungrafted old vines in the beautiful Barbabecchi vineyard, which was planted around 1910. Only 1,500 bottles made annually. Tannins are tight yet refined and silky. A profound wine. Sip it slowly, and contemplate the ontological edifice of Being. 

Frank Cornelissen’s estate consists of 5.5ha on the north slopes of Mount Etna. 2.5ha are ungrafted vines grown in the classic free-standing alberello system, while the rest is given over to olive trees, fruit trees and bush. No monoculture here! Yields are tiny, averaging 300g per vine. Frank's viticultural approach is extreme, avoiding any spraying – including the sulphur and copper remedies used by organic and biodynamic growers. No additions are EVER made to the wines. These are some of the most fascinating vinos coming out of Italy, revealing what's possible when man takes an intelligent step backwards and lets the ‘terra’ do the talking.

Variety Nerello Mascalese || Region Etna, Italy || ABV 15% || Vol 750ml