Foradori - 2020 Lezer

2020 Lezer

Trentino, Italy

Cherries! Spilling out into a field. So much quenching to be done here. This is probably the wine that defines "chilled red”. All the red fruit you could possibly muster but, with purpose.

The queen has entered the building. Elisabetta Foradori is the person when it comes to revitalising sustainable production in Trentino, Alto Aldige. Coming to the vineyard reluctantly after some family drama, her first vintage was in 1984. She had fully converted and repaired the vineyards with biodynamic agriculture by 2007, and had brought the autochthonous variety Teroldego out of obscurity and into proper production.  She is one of the most forward thinking wine growers in Italy full stop. Her wines speak as such. For anyone who is serious about what they drink, or just wants to drink something really, really good.