Foradori - 2019 Morei Teroldego

2019 Morei Teroldego

Trentino, Italy

"Wine is alive: in the glass it evolves, it beats, it goes deep into the body, into the soul. We do not intervene in the winery; nothing is added, but we guide the wine while paying attention to its needs ... we bring into the wineglass the fragrance of the flowers from the mountain pastures, the minerality of the surrounding cliffs, the transparency of the mountain skies, the character of the people that live in these alpine valleys. It is our duty to convey with each bottle the character of the land of Trentino." – Elisabetta Foradori.

Well, that just about says it all. Elisabetta's wines are paragons of purity and personality. Enter Morei Toreldego. 'Morei' means dark in the dialect of Trentino and the grapes from this vineyard mirror this meaning. Their roots plunge deep in the stones and sand carried by the river Noce, giving rise to a wine with a dense and mineral texture. Elisabetta's Toreldego gains exceptional character from biodynamic farming and maturation in the amphora (up to 8 months). Fruity and spicy, this wine is 110% soul.