Empirical Spirits - Fuck Trump and His Stupid Fucking Wall Blend

“A refreshingly smooth, warm, vegetal tasting habanero spirit made from a base of pearled barley, Belgian saison yeast, and koji. The clear product is rectified with a habanero vinegar that gives it a 27% ABV that imparts an intensely fruity habanero profile without any of the heat. The Empirical Spirits innovative high-pressure, low-temperature distilling process removes capsaicin, the painfully spicy active component in the chilies, and preserves the pleasantly floral and fruity notes typically hidden in habaneros, for an eye-opening tasting experience. Serve with red grapefruit juice, topped with sparkling water and cornichon as garnish.” – Empirical Spirits

Type Indefineable || Origin Copenhagen, Denmark || ABV 27% || Vol 500ml