Dormilona - 2020 Party Pet Nat

Translating as ‘lazy bones’ in Spanish, the name Dormilona is as evocative of Josephine Perry’s methods as it is also entirely unrepresentative of herself and her work ethic. The message here, of course, is a hands-off approach to making, but that ‘neglect’ is benign and underpinned by a rigorous approach to farming and fruit sourcing. This is particularly unusual in a region of Margaret River, famed for its larger, more conventional wineries. While some ‘conventional’ fruit has been employed at times, the vast majority is organic or biodynamic, with the intent for it to be all so, especially with the winery now certified organic. 

Party Pet is named after our crazy but beloved dog Humphrey; he is always up for action & especially a party! The Pet Nat is made from 99.9% Sauv Blanc fermented on skins for three weeks. Then, 0.1% of Tempranillo comes into the mix to give it is cherry red hue! It's then basket pressed off to tank to settle before transferring to bottle with a touch a sweetness. No sulphur!


Varietal Sauvignon Blanc, Tempranillo || Region Margaret River, WA || ABV 12.5% || Vol 750mL