Don Bocarte - Anchovies in EVOO

A tin of the very best Cantabric Anchovy out of Spain – arguably the best anchovy available in Australia. Just saying.

Traditionally made, these anchovies in Extra Virgin olive oil are sweet and plump, delivering a long, generous flavour profile. Low in salt, high in happiness. They taste so, so fresh. 48g.

These prized anchovies are caught off the Bay of Biscay – a wild open sea – before being quickly salted by hand and carefully layered in fan configurations, with a layer of salt between each level. In temperature-controlled maturing cellars, the fish rest for a minimum of 8 months, and once they've obtained their characteristic bouquet and aromas, the anchovy is then cleaned – by hand. It is then taken to the filleting room to finish the process by leaving the anchovies cleaner than a whistle, bringing out their best appearance and texture. The end.