Domaine Yoyo - 2015 Akoibon

The miniscule production of Laurence Manya Krief (aka YoYo) makes her wines absurdly hard to find. In Banyuls, Roussillon, she farms 4ha with no chemicals or machinery – just homemade organic preps (fruit pulp and manure), horses, hands and mules. Domaine Yoyo’s 2015 ‘Akoibon’ is softer than a mother’s touch and smoother than a baby’s bum. 40% Mouvedre, 60% Black Grenache, carbonic maceration, zero additives. It has the texture and taste of rose petals, with cherry, blueberry, violet, orange rind and a barely-there echo of marshmallow. On the nose it’s all crisp winter air, raspberry and crunchy red apples. Medium/light in body; dense in heart & soul. With air, it transforms into a silky robe that you’ll wear for days.


Varietal Mouvedre, Black Grenache || Region Roussillon, France || ABV 14% || Vol 750ml