Domaine Jean Yves Peron - 2016 Vin de France Les Barrieux

After studying winemaking in Bordeaux in the late '90s and then working for Thierry Allemand in Cornas and Bruno Schuller in Alsace, Jean-Yves Péron has become a cult natural winemaker. Born, bred and based in Savoie, Jean-Yves is patiently reviving ancient, forgotten vineyards in the French Alps. He tends his vineyards biodynamically, working across several micro-parcels containing Mondeuse, Jacquere, Altesse, and Roussanne. His vines are over a century old, and the schist-covered vineyards slope very steeply – hand-harvesting is basically mountain climbing! Fruit is all fermented naturally with no additives, expressing truthfully the amazing ancient Alpine terroir. 

This rare-as-hen's-teeth 'Les Barrieux' is a blend of Jacquère, Roussane and Altesse. An ultra complex yet congenial orange wine that's spicy, zesty, fragrant, savoury, velvety, minerally ... not enough adjectives to describe this one. 

Variety Jacquère, Roussane, Altesse || Region Savoie, France || ABV 12.5% || Vol 750ml