Domaine Ratte - 2019 Les Corvees Trousseau

2019 Les Corvees Trousseau

Jura, France

In the tiny little town of Arbois, nestled in the Jura, lies a small domaine with big big energy. It is run by husband and wife team Michel-Henri and Françoise Ratte. The vineyards they care for have been in Françoise’s family for many many years, yet it is only recently that the fruit they grew is solely in their hands, instead of being sold off. Their wines speak very true of the personality of the Jura, ethereal, of place, spell-binding. It is a region that is of cult status, despite once being laughed at by most of the larger appellations nearby as “village wine”. No one does complexity and realness like the people of the Jura do.

Trousseau is a very Jura grape, and here in  Les Corvees it's from 80+ year old vines of the increasingly rare 'Trousseau à la Dame' variety, which has small, loosely-knit clusters. This wine ticks every box if you're a Trousseau fan. It embodies all the subtle nuances of the Jura. Bigger yet nimble with a lip-smacking acidity. Savoury and juicy, seducing your tastebuds with luscious red fruits. Silk nightie smooth. Do yourself a favour.